DermiMatch - SMP Needles

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After purchasing the Complete Scalp Micropigmentation Kit by DermiMatch, and you start working on real clients, you will need to replenish your supply of smp needles.

  • 10 needles in a pack - For Scalp Micropigmentation application only
Custom made needles in facilities in Germany to match the precision needed to properly deposit the correct amount of pigment for natural looking DermiMatch hair follicles. Each Needle is laser cut and inspected for precision according to the strict standards put forward by DermiMatch Hair Clinic requirements.
Refer to the DermiMatch Color Chart to help decide what needle size is right for you client:
Scalp Micropigmentation needles  (SMP needles)

SMP-1 needles should be used for the front of the hairline and throughout the rest of the head on thinner hair.

SMP-2 needles can be used all over the entire head for someone who has thicker hair, typically pigment C or pigment M.

SMP-3 needles should be used throughout the rest of the head on thicker hair and in scars  (SMP-3 needles are the most commonly used).

SMP-5 is for rare cases when working on very dark scalps and you have trouble making the impressions large enough or SMP-5 can be used in conjunction with the DermiMatch Spot remover.


Place of origin:

DermiMatch LLC has sourced each element of the DermiMatch kit based on the manufacturers and labratories that could deliver the highest quality while utilizing the latest technology for the DermiMatch equipment specifically designed for Scalp Micropigmentation.

Precision steel needle tips: Engineered and manufactured in Dresden, Germany

Pigments: DermiMatch Lab in New Mexico, USA

DermiMatch Power Supply and Pedal: Busan, South Korea

Pen casingJiangsu, China

Ultra quiet DermMatch Pen motor: Dresden, Germany

All containers/packaging: Pennsylvania, USA