All 3 Premium Scalp Pigments

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Now, all 3 premium DermiMatch pigments in one bundle.

Pigment C: for light skin and blonde/brown hair

Pigment M; For medium skin tones with dark hair

Pigment B: for dark skin tones and dark hair and most thinning hair.

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• The best SMP pigment sold online in the USA.  -With built in warm tones to combat the blue scalps you see from SMP artists using black tattoo ink. SMP inks

• The first scalp pigment custom tailored for each client's unique skin tone and hair color.

• Time tested - The DermiMatch custom pigments have been in use since 2008 at the original DermiMatch Hair Clinic in Phoenix, AZ.

• Made in the USA. No diluting. All natural ingredients. Organic colorants. Vegan friendly, Animal Cruelty Free. Temperature and Ethanol sterilized, granulated to 60 microns to prevent migration/blur. High density. 

• Refer to the DermiMatch color chart for usage guidelines.


Ingredients: Please write to us for the Material Data Safety Sheet.