For international orders, we have teamed up with and external site: "SCÅLPPR0DUC†" to send your shipments at a discounted rate which will cost you, the buyer, less in the form of duties and taxes.  


How does it work? 

1. Place your Order

When you place your order on, you are not charged for your shipping, but you are invoiced for the shipping cost separately. 

2. Pay your Shipping Invoice

This invoice will come from a different site entity: SCÅLPPR0DUC†  You will pay this invoice and hold onto the commercial invoice to show your import customs department.

3. Show your Commercial Invoice to customs

Save your commercial invoice from SCÅLPPR0DUC†  When your import customer department requests your product payment information, you will show them your invoice from SCÅLPPR0DUC†


4. We pay the duties and taxes for you.

After you send the import customs department your SCÅLPPR0DUC† commercial invoice, SCÅLPPR0DUC† will pay the duties and taxes for you, and the item will be released and sent to your address.


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